Password Tips

West Point Bank

Performing your banking tasks online has become one of the most popular avenues for customers to use. Whether using your mobile phone, tablet or computer, online banking provides great convenience and efficiency with your time.

With that said, some customers are uneasy about doing their banking online for security reasons. It is true that when being careless with your online banking you can potentially run into trouble. Our goal with this four-part series is to provide you with a few security tips to keep in mind whenever you are online – banking or otherwise. This is part three of our series and it touches on passwords. The first part of our series discusses mobile device security, part two covers online security and we close with a couple tips on computer security.

At the bottom of each of these posts we have included four links to wonderful resources about securing your online banking activities. Additionally, please follow us on Facebook, where we will include #CyberSecuritySunday tips a few times each month.


  • Make it unique. Create a unique password for each website you use. If you do not, one single breach leaves all your accounts vulnerable.
  • Make it complex. The longer the password, the tougher it is to crack. Use a password with at least 14 characters. Avoid using obvious passwords, like names, dates or standalone dictionary words.
  • Do not share. Never share your password over the phone, in texts, by email or in person. If you are asked for our password, it is probably a scam.
  • Use a password vault. Choose passwords you can remember without writing it down. If you cannot remember all your passwords, consider using a password vault.

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