Nat’l Mom & Pop Biz Owners Day

Metz Camfield

You never have the chance to make a second first impression. How a potential customer is treated, and that first experience they have, will largely determine if they will keep their hard-earned money at the bank or take their business elsewhere.

At West Point Bank, the goal each day is to treat every single customer as the most important customer, even if, well, they aren’t even yet a customer. That first impression and experience was so strong for Josh Reed that he turned around and told his parents, Paul and Debbie. The rest, as they say, is history.

“Our eldest son went to (West Point Bank president) Josh (Hubbard) about a house,” Debbie said of their son’s initial interaction with the local bank. “He had such a good experience that we went over there and moved all of our stuff with them.”

Paul and Debbie Reed have been the owners of HUB City Printing, a locally owned and operated printing and design shop in Elizabethtown, since 1999. Using the latest technology and methods available, HUB City Printing produces prints and designs for businesses, including business cards, promotional items and office calendars for West Point Bank. They have now been banking with West Point Bank for nearly a decade.

Times have changed over the years in terms of how the business has operated, namely, most everything has moved to electronic methods, but that’s been fine for the Reeds and West Point Bank.

“A lot of the companies we deal with want to pay through the bank and that has gone really smoothly,” Debbie said.

With March 29 being National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day, West Point Bank wants to recognize HUB City Printing and say thank you to Paul, Debbie and the Reed families for their business at the bank. A relationship that began with a strong first impression, continues today with the Reed family’s favorite part of banking at West Point Bank being that familial aspect.

“It’s small enough that they know you,” Debbie said, “and that’s always really nice.”