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Merchant's PACT

Superior processing solutions and service is here for West Point Bank customers! With Merchant’s PACT (Payment Acceptance Consulting Team), we are able to assist our customers and ensure you have the best, secure and most affordable payment option.

  • Processing rates as low as 2%.
  • Access to a wide selection of processing solutions – giving you, the customer, a more customized solution to meet your needs.
  • Quick and easy set-up – you will be able to begin processing as quickly as one day.
  • Merchant’s PACT provides an educational approach to explaining price savings, meaning you will understand the cost savings and feel confident in the price being delivered.
  • Service escalation – members can reach out to Merchant’s PACT to quickly resolve issues.

Superior Processing Solutions & Service

  • Consultative 

    • Assess current and future needs
    • Provide detailed pricing analysis
    • Discuss solution offerings 


    • PCI-certified devices
    • Point to Point encryption
    • Card data is tokenized when stored


    • Quick and easy set-up process
    • 24/7 support with in-house service escalation
    • Personalized support with ongoing, proactive communication

With one account you can accept payments with a smart terminal, virtual terminal, mobile device or website shopping cart.

  • EMV, NFC, contactless and QR code acceptance
  • Online and mobile reporting dashboards
  • Quarterly pricing audit
  • Next day funding
  • Surcharging, interchange optimization and high risk-processing available
  • Create customer billing plans
  • Send promotions to customers
  • Generate menus for products/services
  • Develop price points and discount programs
  • Export reporting that is meaningful to you
  • View live sales data, filter by location or sales channel
  • Build a database of your best customers
  • Track inventory
  • Check when funds are deposited into your bank account
  • Manage taxes for accounting purposes

For more information about our merchant service provider, Merchant’s PACT, please contact Greg Schlegel.

Greg Schlegel
Director of Sales
Phone: (502) 290.2218
Email: GSchlegel@merchantspact.com
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